About Me

However you know me, or however you found me, I’m glad you are here.

I have been a Chief Information Officer for a long time and it’s clear that “managing information” is just the price of entry. In today’s world I believe CIO should mean “Chief Innovation Officer”. My ambition is to find ways in which technology can be leveraged for more effective, more engaging, and more sustainable business growth.

Some examples I am interested are:

Where I’ve Worked

Community Service


Some Example Open Source Contributions

A Little More on Me - the Personal Side

I’ve been happily married to Julie for over twenty-five years, and have I have two children, Matt and Elise, who make me very proud. Julie and I met at UCLA. Go Bruins!

My favorites movies are Princess Bride and Dead Poets Society. I actually have “Carpe Diem” imprinted on my custom iPad cover.

I love driving/riding anything with a motor and enjoy both dirt and street motorcycing and yes I probably go too fast. I generally love anything outdoors. Seems I have really gotten into hiking lately. I appreciate a good 10-15 mile summit hike and have hit most of the local southern California peaks. It’s good to get your heart rate up for 4-8 hours!

My favorite place on earth is Hawaii, so a big mahalo to all of you who feel the same way. There is no place else where I can literally step off the plane and feel the weight lift from my shoulders and my spirit open up.

Technical Details About This Site

We are all standing on the back of giants and I am constantly amazed at the quality and diversity of the open source tools available now. I love learning and using new technology, and I am a curious person, so I am always interested in what technologies others use to create sites - so I thought I might share what tools I am using.

This site is very simple. It is a static site built using Hugo and hosted on GitHub and TLS is provided by Cloudflare.

Here is a quick list of what I am currently using: